Specials Classes

Art, Science, Computers, Music, Library, Spanish, and Physical Development.

We believe that helping youth explore topics to find their passion at an early age helps them hone skills and creates passion for learning. Our Speciality Classes include liberal and fine arts curriculum — music, theater, drawing, painting, or sculpture — as well as library, computers, science and physical development. These courses are interwoven into the students’ core curriculum at every stage and offer a way for students to be come visual, critical and well-rounded thinkers. TheseSpeciality Classes have been a part of our well-rounded curriculum for decades and one of our most beloved parts of education.

Providing these importantSpeciality Classes helps students achieve a well rounded education inspiring and nurturing:

  • Imagination and Creativity.
  • Expression.
  • Curiosity.
  • Critical Thinking.
  • Visual thinking.
  • Observational skills.
  • Problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Confidence.
  • Communication Skills.

Learn More About Our Specials Below

Watch Your Child’s Imagination and Creativity Soar as They Discover Their Inner Artist!

At Castlehill, our students academic potential is greatly improved with regular Art instruction. As they learn both artistic technique and the history of art, our students see improvement in their planning, decision making and resourceful thinking skills. Our art classes provide fine gross motor refinement, mathematical spacial understanding, problem solving, and imaginative construction under the training of our expertly skilled art instructors. At Castlehill Country Day School, our students can develop opportunities for extended periods of learning, enabling them greater moments for projects requiring longer attention spans.

Within our studio, our art instructor allows children a freedom to explore themes, topics spurred by their own interests. Students study and participate in a variety of artistic techniques, including paper mache, casting, wood work, clay, paints, and pencils as a base, along with a variety of other rotating materials. All of this happens within a creative, free formed environment that puts individualism and expression of the self into focus.

Watch as we unlock your student’s academic and creative potential with Mrs. Valencia and see improvement in artistic talent, problem solving abilities, spatial thinking and math skills!

Digital Creativity and Typing Proficiency

Our world is one that is like no other in previous decades. Connected around the world, it is imperative that our students become well versed in using and understanding the ways in which technology can be used as a resource in their daily lives. This competency is created with our available computers within classrooms, and digital learning tools for students to engage from.

Specially created computer courses, like those created for learning proper typing at an early age, were designed in our curriculum for students to gain the most out of the computers around them. Outlets from understanding technology, like computer science, software engineering, and graphic design, prepare our students for a vast array of technology fused academic interests.

Satisfy your thirst for knowledge and embrace your love of literature at the Castlehill Library!

Each library class with Mrs. Orr is designed to help the students discover the wonderful world of books and dive into amazing stories. While many schools are eliminating librarian positions Castlehill Country Day School is dedicated to providing the library experience for each of our students. Mrs. Orr is deeply connected to each class and individual student. Students thrive as they are guided through their personal reading journey at their unique pass and Mrs. Orr thrives helping each child find their love for reading by connecting each students with an author, character or series they fall in love with. 

The art of sound expresses more than a note.

Mathematical in its base, music engages students with a full body of experiences through rhythm and timing. Regardless of age, music develops students to be interactive with the objects around them and explore different materials. Citing a need for a strong curriculum for music learning, we understand that music manifests itself in many forms, and spurs language development in young children. Using music and performance together, our classrooms construct theater shows each year for an event that is anticipated for families. With a keen ear for music, an appreciation for poetry, chamber orchestra, modern dance, and countless other ways – music can open children up into a new world.

Each year culminates in a live stage show starring your child’s class!

Have Fun While Learning About Being Happy and Healthy!
Having a healthy child means one that is taken care of in body and mind. Physical development, with its dynamic play and group activities, encourage children to learn to participate in a cooperative way. This sets up healthy social dynamics, and a way to encourage children to enter into sports as they grow. At our school, we have given ample amounts of time for our students for physical development. Keeping an interest in taking care of oneself, by consistent physical activity, builds a foundation for a fit lifestyle throughout life.
Explore the Wonderful World of Science!

Our world has transformed most by none other than the advancements of science. Melding together medicine, design, and invention, science creates innovative products that rapidly change how we interact with one another. Our science lab, a space that is dedicated to physics, astronomy, and biology, students engage with the environment to do many things in the field of science.

From exploring various bug varieties found in the natural habitat of Arizona, collecting organic eggs from the chicken coop, and learning how to transfer heat between materials, our student body is given ample time in the field of science. All of this crests when the students take field trips to the Pima Air and Space Museum, and also get to show off their knowledge with a science fair community night. By creating a curriculum where science is a hands on experience, students at Castlehill Country Day School can not only dream up ideas, but learn how to make them come true.

Learning Spanish at Castlehill

The Spanish program at Castlehill Country Day School for Kindergarten through 5th is a FLEX program. The goals of this type of program are to develop oral communication skills in Spanish and to develop positive attitudes about learning languages. In the early years, children are developing oral communication skills and students are in the RECEPTIVE phase of learning a language. During this phase, children are laying new neuronal networks that will allow for language production later on. Students are encouraged to produce words or simple phrases with the help of the teacher. As children enter the upper elementary grades, they enter the PRODUCTION phase where students work to produce their own individual thoughts, ideas and feelings in Spanish.

Castlehill’s goal is to have children enjoy learning another language, for them to feel comfortable hearing another language spoken to and around them, and to feel confident while starting to communicate in Spanish. As children are exposed to Spanish, they learn tools that can help them learn other languages in the future. Children form opinions about the value of learning additional languages very early on. It is our goal at Castlehill to show them the immense value of multilingualism in our global society.

A Special Week of Focused Fun and Exploration

Developing yourself into a person with a full array of understanding of others and yourself requires practice. Within our school, we pride ourselves on reaching out to students in ways that give them ample opportunities to interact with one another. Each year, our students focus on one subject in humanities that is spurred by classroom interest and social and cultural topics. With its cross classroom learning, the practice of humanities in study prepare students for philosophy, sociology, and psychology that awaits them.

Experiential learning is where we tie in field trips and speakers, our humanities program where the children from various grades work together on a big project.