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with Toddler, Preschool & Pre-K Offerings!

Our Preschool Philosophy

We at CCDS feel that it is vital each student feels loved and safe to explore new ideas and are excited by what they are learning as well as what they are able to accomplish.

Preschool Hours

Toddler & Preschool classrooms are available from 9:00AM – Noon. If your little one is three and potty trained extended care is available!

Pre-K classrooms open to greet children and parents at 8:45am class begins at 9:00AM. Our school day ends at 3:00PM. To help working families, parents may enroll in flexible before and after school care, expanding the day from 7am to 6pm.

Toddler Time

At Castlehill Country Day School we feel the heart of our school is when our youngest students feel safe, nurtured and cared for. Each day they are guided with individual care and attention, ensuring each child thrives. Our toddler room focuses on building a kind, artistic, play and discovery-based learning environment that will help grow your child’s language, movement and sensory impressions.

Our toddler classrooms are a safe, bright, nurturing and happy environment for your young child. Toddlers experience the beautiful Tucson climate on our historic 8-acre campus centrally located by while they often at our popular desert tortoise garden, outdoor nature walks and a private toddler playground. Toddler students will benefit from weekly specials including music, art and craft projects.


  •       Intimate toddler room with on average 8 students to two teachers
  •       Experienced toddler teachers nurture in small class sizes
  •       Age-appropriate work builds language, social and practical life skills
  •       Private playground
  •       Access to other campus areas for outdoor variety 


Our Pre-Schoolers are fun, friendly and ready to absorb the world in a safe, scheduled and exciting environment. Our Pre-School is structured for three and four year olds helping them take the big kid step from Toddler to Pre-K.

In addition to class time involving learning exercises, free play and art our Pre-School children experience outdoor play, Spanish, Music, Physical Development, Library, Science and Computers several times each week. We always focus on open communication with our parents and guardians, in addition to personal communication the class receives we weekly newsletter each Friday talking about the happenings of the week and what is on schedule for the following week. This allows you to continue the fun and lessons at home! Three and Four year olds love to SHARE! Each Friday is sharing day. During Pre-School we focus on building their vocabulary and confidence, so we encourage each student to bring an item to share related to the Letter of the Week.

A traditional at Castlehill Country Day School is our intimate, individual focused classroom size and structure. Another tradition that starts in Pre-School is field trips! They begin each fall when students are comfortable with their friends, classroom and teachers. The children always love these adventures and fun is had by all. Our typical trips include parent chaperones and outings to exciting places such as local fire stations, Tucson Village Farm, different departments at UA and the Desert Museum. Due to their young age we also are sure to have “on campus” field trips to our desert tortoise park and our all school assembly each Friday where the Pre-Schoolers watch the “big kids” K-5th grade perform songs and review reports from their learnings.

Sample Pre-School Curriculum Units:

  • All about me/Family
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Fire Safety
  • Fall/Leaves/Pumpkins
  • Holidays and Traditions


Our Pre-Kindergarteners are a joy to everyone on campus. The growth they developmentally, personally and artistically encounter in this important year is a joy to our teachers, staff and other students. Castlehill has the philosophy that children should be encouraged to learn through doing. So often, schools lose track of that simple concept and focus on filling students full of information, rather than providing them the tools to discover information on their own. The Pre-K classroom focuses on this daily.

Pre-K provides a well-balanced and structured day to meet the dynamics of the entire classroom including the individual students needs, while providing flexibility if and when deemed necessary. We have TONS of fun in Pre-K.

Our Pre-K teachers have over 23 years of experience 16 of those here with us at CCDS. She focuses on creating a classroom environment that is fun while they are learning new things. We want our students to develop a love of learning, and we foster a sense of creativity and curiosity in everything we do in Pre-K. We at CCDS feel (for all students) that it is vital each student feels loved and safe to explore new ideas and are excited by what they are learning as well as what they are able to accomplish.


  • Daily learning exercises including writing, reading and numbers!
  • Daily free play, structured play, outdoor time (weather permitting)
  • Weekly Specials Music, Library, Spanish, Physical Development, Science and Art
  • Field Trips
  • Musical Performances
  • After school clubs like Art Club, Zumba, Yoga, Sports and Theater

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