Watch Your Child’s Imagination and Creativity Soar as They Discover Their Inner Artist!

At Castlehill, our students academic potential is greatly improved with regular Art instruction. As they learn both artistic technique and the history of art, our students see improvement in their planning, decision making and resourceful thinking skills. Our art classes provide fine gross motor refinement, mathematical spacial understanding, problem solving, and imaginative construction under the training of our expertly skilled art instructors. At Castlehill Country Day School, our students can develop opportunities for extended periods of learning, enabling them greater moments for projects requiring longer attention spans.

Within our studio, our art instructor allows children a freedom to explore themes, topics spurred by their own interests. Students study and participate in a variety of artistic techniques, including paper mache, casting, wood work, clay, paints, and pencils as a base, along with a variety of other rotating materials. All of this happens within a creative, free formed environment that puts individualism and expression of the self into focus.

Watch as we unlock your student’s academic and creative potential with Mrs. Valencia and see improvement in artistic talent, problem solving abilities, spatial thinking and math skills!