Our Fifth Grade Class Visits Washington D.C.!

The 5th grade class of Castlehill Country Day School had a memorable and educational trip to our nation’s grand capitol, Washington,D.C.!

The class, accompanied by their teachers, Mrs. Bianco and Mr. Roberts, left Tucson on September 25th to begin their journey.

The days were filled with seeing the amazing monuments built to our honor the heroes who founded this country, and those who fought to keep it free.

We went to the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument (where the 5th graders were interviewed by a journalist), and the war memorials of WWII, Korean War and Vietnam Veterans who died in battle.

The class really enjoyed the International Spy Museum and the Smithsonian National Archives. Seeing the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence gave us a new appreciation of what it means to be free!

A favorite was visiting Ford’s Theater, where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, and reading about John Wilkes Booth’s plan to take over the country!

We ended every day with a swim in the hotel’s indoor pool. Mr Roberts made it fun and recreational with pool games and challenges!

On our last day, we took a ferry to Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington. Everyone loved the beautiful plantation and enjoyed learning more about our first president.

We arrived home on Saturday, filled with wonderful memories of our class trip to Washington, D.C.! Our class also created a terrific Google Slide presentation in Technology class, and presented it to the school on Friday in assembly. Click here to view it!