Some Insight From Our Teachers

Gems From Our Teachers

Coming to work each day at Castlehill is really like “coming home”. My fellow teachers and I are fortunate enough to be responsible for the educating and nurturing of “our children”. With our children, we share ups and downs, tears and joy, and successes and failures. The support we give and receive on a daily basis makes Castlehill a safe and loving environment for everyone; parents, children and teachers alike. Teaching is a blessing and a privilege.. teaching at Castlehill is an honor and a gift.
-Mary New: First Grade

I love taking the mystery out of science and making it an everyday occurrence for students. Science is everywhere, every day, 24/7. I encourage the students to always ask a question, any question. Then we have the greatest fun exploring, problem solving, and experimenting to find an answer. Right or wrong, proven or disproved we always learn something. (Even if it is, don’t do that again!)
I love the moment when the light bulb goes on, when a student finally gets it and I am able to share that moment of enthusiasm, pride, and accomplishment. This is why I love teaching Science. Inspire!
-Pamela Tinley: Science

I have a love of learning and a love of children, therefore I teach. I adore the feeling of energy and inspiration they give me. Where else can I introduce young minds to new ideas, and watch the wonder and amazement on their faces when suddenly they “get it”? Where else can I have the ability to set them up for success by cultivating curiosity and creativity and instill a positive attitude about school with hands-on fun? Where else can I¬†guarantee that every child gains individualism, self-worth and self-confidence? I can think of a ton of reasons why I love teaching, but to sum it all up I have the opportunity to not only make a difference in a child’s life, but to my country as well. After all, children are our future!
-Wendi McKay: Pre-Kindergarten